About Us

Founded in 2003, ConQuest Technology Services delivers top quality information technology (IT) services to the greater South Florida area and throughout the Eastern United States.

Our formula is very straightforward:

  • Leverage Partners in the IT industry
  • Design and build excellent information technology solutions
  • Provide an ongoing total IT support service
  • Office Administrator, Multi-location Child Care Services
  • CFO, National Retail Chain

    I appreciate how fast the Professional Services Specialists are to respond to our questions and issues… quick and thorough and explain everything in a language we understand. Way to go ConQuest

    CFO, National Retail Chain

  • CEO, National Bank

    It costs us a considerable amount to guarantee 99.9% uptime for our Exchange Servers. With Exchange Online, ConQuest has helped us reduce costs and we gain time to perform other tasks.

    CEO, National Bank

  • Senior Systems Administrator, Local Government Agency

    We like to be on the leading edge and ConQuest helps us stay there. With Office 365, we will always have the latest version. By partnering with ConQuest as our advisor we do not have to worry that cost will prohibit us from giving employees access to the latest capabilities.

    Senior Systems Administrator, Local Government Agency

  • CFO, Leading Insurance Company

    ConQuest gave us peace of mind. Working together to establish a concrete IT strategy our final selection was to implement Windows Azure. Azure provides scalable, durable cloud storage, backup, and recovery solutions for our precious data. It works with the infrastructure we already had to cost-effectively enhance our business continuity strategy as well as provide storage required by our cloud applications including unstructured text or binary data such as video, audio and images. We benefit from all this thanks to ConQuest.

    CFO, Leading Insurance Company

  • Sr. Systems Administrator, Nation-wide Manufacturing Company

    We consider ConQuest an extension of our team. We have been working with them for eight years now and have no intention to deal with another provider. Their expertise helps us to circumvent issues before they become a major business disruption.

    Sr. Systems Administrator, Nation-wide Manufacturing Company

  • Business Owner, Franchise Operation

    In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. ConQuest Technology Services was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality and support of their Help Desk is simply amazing. They are so committed to my business, to me and my employees. Only one phone call away day or night, it’s not a problem, they have always served me well.

    Business Owner, Franchise Operation

  • President & Chairman – Industry Association

    I applaud the efforts of the Conquest team to get this product rolled out. They really stepped up to get this done. In my 4 years on the board they have been the only organization to step up with tech resources to help us deploy systems. I’ve heard a lot of grousing over the years about our systems which are far better now than before.   The realization of the effort required and coordination with teams & schedules has been huge and largely goes unrecognized. A great big thanks to the Conquest team for this effort.

    President & Chairman – Industry Association

Commitment To Satisfaction

Commitment To Satisfaction

ConQuest Technology Services is always interested
in speaking to qualified and experienced people.