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Disaster recovery is mission critical for any organization that needs to provide continued service to employees, partners and customers when a disaster strikes. IT organizations spend large portions of their budget to meet disaster recovery requirements from regulators and their businesses. These spends often include datacenter space, bandwidth, storage, servers, networking hardware, software solutions and man power. Disaster Recovery resources go unused to some degree for most of the time, until they need to work the most. The issue is, they often don’t. 36% of Disaster Recovery sites fail on their first fail-over attempt. Many customers that depend on “set it and forget it” hardware and software based Disaster Recovery solutions are disappointed when these solutions fail. The only way to ensure Disaster Recovery is a combination of end to end strategy, architecture, implementation, and ongoing support of the right solution.

The Solution

  • ConQuest can help your company design, plan, deploy and manage this solution while providing project management and world class engineers.
  • Monitored real time status of your Disaster Recovery solution. We track the status and the health of the virtual machines that are virtual machines that are protected by ‘Azure Site Recovery’
  • Assisted test failovers to Azure that are completely non-disruptive to production environments so testing can be performed at any time.
  • Protection for your servers and data as the business grows without purchasing additional storage and servers to support your growing workloads in case of a disaster.
  • Save thousands a year by not having to purchase or renew hardware vendor support contract on hardware used for on-premise Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Real time data replication to Azure to ensure protection of your business data.
  • Let ConQuest plan, architect, deliver and manage your Disaster Recovery solution with Azure Site Recovery. Gain peace of mind knowing your infrastructure and data is safe and available when and where you want it.

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