No Cost Cloud Assessment and Workshop – Courtesy of Microsoft

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Azure Everywhere

ConQuest is pleased to offer a no cost Azure Assessment and Workshop!

Courtesy of Microsoft.


ConQuest has been named Top 10 Azure Delivery Partner in the USA for Microsoft

“Giving our customers the ability to understand, envision, plan and deploy their first Azure solution, with a Microsoft paid engagement*, is an amazing program we’re thrilled to offer our clients”, said Jon Sastre, President of ConQuest.


Contact Tom today for additional information on this program. or call 786.871.5490


What’s included:

  • Azure Infrastructure Assessment with industry leading tools and methodology that analyzes customer infrastructure and applications to determine what it would take to move the solutions to the cloud.
  • Zero Cost Assessment to customers for Pre-Consumption infrastructure and applications analysis using advanced tools that provide ‘lift and shift’ recommendations and right size pricing for customers to understand their options.
  • Analysis and review of lift and shift, right size, application modernization and other Azure scenarios.
  • Zero Cost Onsite Workshops for up to four days using one of ConQuest’s Microsoft Certified Cloud Solution Architects that were trained by Microsoft at their Headquarters in Seattle, using the HiPo-CSA Microsoft Consulting Services Training curriculum.**
  • Migrate Small Workload to the Cloudchoose from test/dev, small production workload, proof of concept. Etc.
  • Zero Cost Proof of Concept for one month or up to three months for Azure POC’s. First 90 Days of production use in Azure also free.***
  • Competitive analysis will allow ConQuest to provide clients with pricing advantages, comparing Amazon to Google to Azure for your recommended solution.

What’s Required:

  • Available for customers that meet specific Microsoft segmentation classifications***

Customer must:

  • Sign SOW for ConQuest defining the engagement
  • Microsoft Proof of Execution to enable engagement
  • Report number of Servers and VMs in infrastructure prior to assessment
  • Assign ConQuest as their Azure Online Service Advisor


*Offer is available through May 31, 2017.

**Azure Fast-Start is a 1 day Azure workshop aligned to 1 of 4 core scenarios including: Azure Fundamentals, Dev/Test on IaaS, SQL IaaS or SharePoint on IaaS. Azure Workshop requires submission of written customer confirmation of workshop and copy of consumption plan at completion.

***Where Channel Incentive Funds and deal size are in accordance with the aligned Microsoft Program. Ask your ConQuest rep is you qualify.

**** ConQuest’s assessment tool will gather over 500k data points per node. If tool passes 1% processor utilization, it shuts down so as not to interfere with services, this shutdown will not affect the results. Tool prepares a 40kb file every 5 minutes and sends it to ConQuest, to build the reporting. This will not impact i/o or bandwidth base-lining.


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