Will your business benefit from a network assessment?

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The answer is, absolutely!

Have you ever find yourself thinking about your network infrastructure and start having this scary felling and getting worried about what’s really going on with your network? Plain and simple It’s just a bad idea to operate a business without having a clear knowledge of what’s on the inside.

Instead of staying worried and having that never ending felling that something can go wrong and could have prevented it if you had the proper information about your network, come on over and try it, you will not be disappointed.


What is a network assessment?

A network assessment it’s a review of your current IT infrastructure, this includes network inventory, analysis of network devices, security assessment and in general review of the infrastructure. This scans can be applied in multiple different targets and applications, from what’s running on my network? to plan a migration from on premise infrastructure to a cloud hosted service like Azure or AWS.


Types of assessments we can provide:

-Exchange: includes risk report, traffic use, mobile devices, mailboxes details, permissions, permissions by user and much more.

-SQL: database report, health report, server details, maintenance plan report, SQL agent reports.

-Security: user permissions, shared permission, security policy, security risk internal and external.

-PCI/HIPPA compliance: Policy and procedures, risk analysis, management plans and evidence of compliance.

-Network: provide a full detail report of everything on your network that has an IP, everything under your domain/forest, AD object report, detailed device report, security, updates/patches status…




Migration planning and cloud hosting:

Last but no least the assessment for migrations to hosted cloud services just keeps growing and growing, every day more businesses see the cloud as a feasible way to run their environment in the


cloud. In the last year I have done more assessments for this task than any other assessments in my whole IT career, if you are thinking about migration to hosted solutions or even wondering what it will cost you to run your infrastructure on the cloud, don’t be shy come on over and let us do one for you, you will not only get a precise match and pricing of your existing environment in Azure, but also get a detail report of what you currently have, machines being under or over provisioned, machines than can be decommissioned and a ton more of information that will definitely help regardless if you choose to move or not.

We have the experience, the knowledge and the right tools to make these assessments a painless process, most of them don’t even need to be installed and install any agents or probes on your network, it’s just a small executable that will collect what we need in order to build the report of your preference.


For additional information on the Technology Assessments that ConQuest can perform for your business, contact us today!  305-374-8788



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